Since the 2008 crisis, there has been a pronounced demand to repatriate internet services back to Europe, including Switzerland, particularly from the United States and China. Discussions have emerged around the notion of "free" internet offers in the U.S. This dialogue not only arises from concerns about the GAFAs' monopoly over the internet tools owned by the GAFAM but also from an increasing awareness that these substantial IT companies were amassing user information through a well-functioning business model, devoid of any genuine "consent." The practices of data mining and profiling businesses have skirted privacy EU laws, leading to the exponential growth and exploitation of personal, confidential, and even sensitive data for marketing and advertising purposes. This transformative period has also witnessed the emergence of the first smartphones. Between 2018 and 2023, the introduction of new GDPR & LPD EU Regulations has reshaped the Swiss regulatory framework.

DIGITALABS - ICT & Web Technologies Infomaniak tools and services that respect privacy on Swiss territory (Geneva) and comply with GDPR standards.

Privacy that comply with GDPR & LPD

  • kDrive: Swiss Cloud which respects your privacy.
  • kSuite: The ethical collaborative solution.
  • Swiss Backup: Swiss Secure solution for backups.
  • NAS Synology: Storage server in a Swiss DataCenter.
  • SwissBackup: Back up your data in complete security.

And several other solutions or assets according to your needs.

DIGITALABS has its own dedicated high availability servers where you can host your websites, e-mail services, etc, all inclusive. By offering you all the necessary activation, preparation, management, support and maintenance services.

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Swiss Confederation NCSC Reports

The National Cyber Security Centre publish its semi-annual report “Information Assurance: the situation in Switzerland and internationally“.

The reports describe the most important trends and developments relating to events and occurrences in information and communication technologies (ICT), explain the technical functioning of current attacks, provide an overview of events in Switzerland and abroad, illuminate the most important developments in the area of prevention, and summarize the most important activities of public and private players.

DIGITALABS - ICT & Web Technologies Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance MELANI
DIGITALABS - ICT & Web Technologies Swiss Data Center under Swiss law

Swiss Data Center

Your data is exclusively yours. As a partner of Infomaniak Network SA, DIGITALABS ensures its preservation through the development of proprietary online tools that respect your privacy and safeguard your data. Upholding confidentiality is a fundamental tenet of freedom, a principle that Infomaniak steadfastly maintains.

Situated in Switzerland, Infomaniak SA strategically places your data beyond the jurisdictions of both the U.S. and Europe. Every piece of your data is unequivocally protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act. In addition, catering to a substantial European clientele, Infomaniak adheres to the stringent regulations outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Choosing a Cloud Provider that priorities your privacy not only secures your data but also contributes to a free and independent web.

Consider these criteria when selecting your Hosting Service Provider:

  • How will my data and privacy be protected?
  • Where will my data be stored?
  • How will my information be processed?
  • Who will have access to my personal data?

Infomaniak assures complete control over every facet of its services, fortified by:

  • A longstanding commitment to data protection;
  • A business model centered on safeguarding your data rather than selling it;
  • Data encryption (using your encryption key) with replication on Infomaniak servers;
  • Confidentiality bolstered by Swiss law and GDPR / LPD compliance;
  • Technological independence, with all processes developed in-house, eliminating intermediaries.

Ensure that Your Data is Secure - Protect Your Privacy

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