Managing IT SMEs Assets

Solving business challenges with a realistic approach

We adeptly manage multiple tasks, establish realistic benchmarks for SMEs' IT requirements, react efficiently by documenting features, technical specifications, and infrastructure needs. Our methodical approach to problem-solving involves analysing existing processes to avoid making radical changes that could impede business workflows.

DIGITALABS - ICT & Web Technologies - DAM - Managing IT Assets

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

DIGITALABS adopts a comprehensive and flexible approach to problem-solving, demonstrating proficiency in handling diverse tasks and establishing realistic benchmarks for complex IT requirements. We respond promptly by documenting features, technical specifications, and infrastructure needs, ensuring a methodical and efficient problem-solving process.

We thoroughly assess your technological vulnerabilities, implementing tailored strategies and solutions to address your business needs. This approach allows you to discern the advantages and weaknesses of automated information processing.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Administration and deployment of Unix/Linux Systems.
  • Backup solutions and best practices for data security storage.
  • Analysis of user-end requirements for ICT/Web projects.
  • IT solutions, integration, support, and workflow optimisation.
  • Network protocols, setup, troubleshooting (LAN/WAN & Firewall).
  • Network and cyber security practices.
  • Administration and deployment of MacOS/Linux Systems.
  • Internal users training (MS Office & MacOS productivity tools).
  • Internal deployment of new equipment (IP IoT devices included).
  • User-End Awareness & best practices about online services.
  • NAS storage solutions, hardware, software & setup.

On-Site Support & Maintenance

Our on-site IT services cater to small to medium-sized businesses, addressing their network, servers, and computer systems. Operating in partnership with our clients, we aim to fulfill their business objectives and resolve challenges.

Our focus is on enhancing the structure and efficiency of IT systems across various dimensions, including prevention, user awareness, and ensuring the deployment of suitable equipment for the seamless functioning of their IT infrastructure. We offer guidance, expert technical assistance, and training to internal users, providing first-level support and troubleshooting.

DIGITALABS - ICT & Web Technologies - DAM - Managing IT Assets
DIGITALABS - ICT & Web Technologies - DAM - Managing IT Assets

Common Misconceptions about MacOS & iOS Products

There persists a misunderstanding regarding migrations, often seen when transitioning from Windows to Mac. While the products and nomenclature may differ, they are well-conceived, and more importantly, the practices for dealing with the operating system are simply superior. Today, the reluctance to change OS may be either ‘irrational‘ or linked to internal company policy.

This shift is part of the ongoing evolution of technology, and end-users adhering to outdated ‘legacy‘ systems will encounter increased concerns and problems across all levels, including hardware, software, security, and maintenance costs.

MacOS & iOS are not only a trend...

MacOS & iOS represent more than just a trend. We don’t merely promote or sell Apple products; instead, we compare and opt for a diverse operating system. Since 2003, we have been utilising MacOS (proprietary) and Linux systems. Unix-based systems stand out as the most stable and transparent operating systems (OS) in computer history, particularly after the transition from the initial CPU PowerPC to Intel processors in 2005.

The adoption of the MacOS system isn’t driven solely by fashion trends but is rooted in its well-conceived architecture from the outset. The UNIX architecture (proprietary Linux) of MacOS is exceptionally robust compared to other operating systems.

Resistance to migrate from Windows to MacOS is often encountered among simple users or professionals who mistakenly believe that a Mac is limited, particularly when focusing solely on MSOffice softwares and applications exclusively developed for Windows (such as MS Access). In reality, MacOS and its derivatives bring enhancements in usability, user experience, integrated security, and, above all, stability.

DIGITALABS - ICT & Web Technologies - DAM - Managing IT Assets

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